4 Day 5 Night Ha Giang Loop Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Giá Tour trọn gói từ: 5.600.000 

Khởi hành từ: Hà Nội, Ha Giang city

Điểm đến: Hà Giang

Lịch trình: 4 ngày

Khởi hành: Hà Nội

Giới thiệu

Why Should You Choose the 4-Day 5-Night Ha Giang Loop Motorcycle Adventure Tour?



Apart from the breathtaking scenery along the route, this tour offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture by staying in small communities scattered throughout Ha Giang. Throughout your journey, you'll be accommodated in family-run guesthouses, savoring delicious meals from family-owned eateries, and exploring rural areas that are rarely visited by tourists.

The Ha Giang Loop not only provides an adrenaline rush but also unveils the untouched beauty of a region that has remained off the beaten path for so long. While traversing the loop, you'll have the chance to observe the local wildlife, make new friends while conquering each mountain pass, and savor every moment at a relaxed pace.

For those looking to explore the less-visited parts of Vietnam, the 4-Day 5-Night Ha Giang Loop Motorcycle Adventure Tour is an excellent choice. As many travelers have noted, it's essential to embark on this adventure as soon as possible, as this hidden gem may not remain undiscovered and secluded for much longer.

When you arrive, secure your dorm bed and embark on this unforgettable journey with our experienced easy rider

Lịch trình

Night 1: Hanoi – Ha Giang (Meal: No)

7:00 PM: pick up at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter  and depart to Ha Giang, overnight on the bus.

3:00 AM: on the next morning: The bus drop off you at Ha Giang Motor Tours homestay, check -in early homestay included.

discover Ha Giang with local tourguide
discover Ha Giang with local tourguide
lung cu flag tower
lung cu flag tower
Panoramic view of Ha Giang from the back of the motorbike
Panoramic view of Ha Giang from the back of the motorbike

Day 1: Ha Giang - Quan Ba - Yen Minh (Meal: B,L,D)

8:30: Have breakfast at homestay in Ha Giang City.

9:00: Our guide and easy driver will pick you up, depart to visit Ha Giang Loop by motorbike:

+ Enjoy your time and stop somewhere to see the beauty of Bac Sum Pass and oversee the panorama of Nam Dam at Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

+ Lunch time in Tam Son Town

+ Visit Lung Khuy Cave, one of the most beautiful natural caves in Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark).

17:00: Arrive in Yen Minh town, check-in the homestay, and have dinner there.

Playing games, listening to local music, playing cards, and drinking corn wine “happy water”.

Night 2: Overnight in Yen Minh.


Day 2: Yen Minh - Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Pass (Meal: B, L, D)

Check-out the homestay, have breakfast, and go sightseeing in Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark.

On the way, you will stop at:

+ Tham Ma Pass is an iconic s-shaped mountain pass in the mountain region of Ha Giang.

+ Visit to the Vuong’s royal palace (king of the Mong people), lying inside a valley of Sa Phin. This was the wealthiest and most powerful family of Dong Van in the early 20th century. King Vuong gained power and wealth by planting, cooking, and selling poppy at that time.

+ After enjoying your lunch at a local restaurant, we keep heading to the top roof of Viet Nam and enjoy the panoramic view of Lo Lo village on the top of Lung Cu Flag Tower.

+ Continue going to Meo Vac, and on the way, we will pass Thien Huong village, where Tay people are known for cooking corn wine (happy water).

+ Travel through Ma Pi Leng Pass, the most majestic landscape of Ha Giang, which is famous for one of the great four peaks in Viet Nam.

Arrive at Pa Vi village with the beautiful clay house of the Mong people in Meo Vac Clay House. Check in and have dinner.

Playing games, listening to local music, playing cards, and drinking corn wine “happy water”, and cheers together by Vietnamese drinking way “ Mot Hai Ba Dzô, Hai Ba Dzô, Hai Ba Uong”.

Night 3: Overnight in Meo Vac.


Day 3: Ma Pi Leng Pass - Mau Due – Du Gia (Meal: B, L, D)

+ Boat tour on the Nho Que River; enjoy the breathtaking Tu San Canyon, the deepest canyon in Vietnam and in Indochina as well. Then, back to Yen Minh for lunch.

+ On the way, passing M-shape Pass in Mau Due commune.

+ On the way to Lung Ho village, visit the French’s architecture fort.

+ Pass Lung Ho, stop to enjoy the amazing viewpoint.

Arrive in Du Gia village and check-in at the homestay. Next, go to the stream for swimming.

+ Playing games, listening to local music, playing cards, and enjoying corn wine “happy water”.

Night 4: Overnight in Du Gia.


Day 4: Du Gia - Quan Ba - Ha Giang (Meal: B, L,D)

Activities on the last day:

+ Enjoy breakfast with the view of rice paddy fields.

+ Swimming in the Du Gia waterfall

+ Get experience making clothes in Lung Tam village and then back to Ha Giang city.

Arrive at Ha Giang homestay around 5 – 5:30PM. Say goodbye to the driver and guide and then get basic dinner (take a shower, go for a stroll around Ha Giang City by yourself and come back, wait for the bus pick up at homestay for back Ha Noi).

21:00 Get on the bus and back to Hanoi.

Night 5: Overnight on the sleeping bus (Meal: No)

Arrive Hanoi at 3 AM.

Transfer to your hotel at Hanoi Old Quarter (included).

Goodbye and see you next time.

Trip ends.

Dịch vụ trọn gói


  • Travel with a group and a local tour guide.
  • Semi-automatic motorbike* with brand new (you can upgrade a mountain motorbike for a small fee)
  • Damage Insurance for a Semi-Automatic Bike
  • 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners
  • 3 nights in a beautiful homestay** with local people
  • Tickets for Lung Khuy Cave, Vuong’s royal palace, Lung Cu Flag Tower, and Nho Que River boat trip.
  • Gasoline for vehicles and easy driver.
  • Permission from Ha Giang Immigration: $10 for foreigners

(*) Automatic bike is not suitable and dangerous in Ha Giang Loop. We have short training with semi-automatic and make sure you become professional ^^

(**) Additional charge for private room: 200,000 VND/person/night (standard 2-3 people per room)



  • Tips for tour guide and easy driver (***)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Tax
Điều khoản Tour

Price Policy for Children

  • Free for children with ages from 1 to 4 years old
  • 5 to 9 year-old children will be charged 75% of the tour fee
  • From 10-year-old children are considered as adults

Required Additional Fees

  • Single hotel room rental: 10$/ person/ 01night


  • You have to bring your Passport
  • You should bring any type of medicine for preventing insects and common diseases; bring your toothbrush, toothpaste and towel (if necessary)
  • Tour guide can re-arrange the schedule, but all places stay the same
  • If you are a vegetarian, please bring along your suitable food
  • Do not bring a too big suitcase with you
Magical view from above
Magical view from above
9 Rounds pass
9 Rounds pass
Make friends with many friends around the world
Make friends with many friends around the world
friendly local guide
friendly local guide
Tam Giac Mach flower season in Ha Giang
Tam Giac Mach flower season in Ha Giang
Thang Co Ha Giang hot pot
Thang Co Ha Giang hot pot
Buffalo grilled on a wood stove, a Ha Giang specialty
Buffalo grilled on a wood stove, a Ha Giang specialty
Hà Giang City
Hà Giang City

(*) Customer responsibilities:

  • Customers are responsible by yourseves for your illness and chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis …), congenital diseases, latent diseases, HIV AIDS, mental and neurological disorders , pregnant women … When necessary, you must write your own commitment to your health when participating in the tour.
  • Customers must preserve their property in all circumstances and at all locations during the trip. The tour organizer is not responsible for any lost money, identification, airline tickets, personal belongings and other property of the customer during the trip.

Additional Information

  • Buckwheat Flowers bloom from September to December every year
  • Peach Flowers and Prunus Salicina Flowers appear at before and after Tet holiday
  • Market(s) on Sunday morning: Quản Bạ market, Yên Minh market, Đồng Văn and Mèo Vạc market
  • Market(s) on Saturday morning: Quyết Tiến market
  • Market(s) on Day of the Snake and Day of the Pig: Sà Phìn market
  • Market(s) on Day of the Tiger and Day of the Monkey: Lũng Phìn market
  • Market(s) on Day of the Dog and Day of the Dragon: Phố Cáo market

Why should you discover the Ha Giang Loop?

Aside from the spectacular vistas available along the path, you will also get to experience local culture when you stay in the little communities scattered around Ha Giang. You will be staying at family-run guesthouses throughout the communities. savoring local foods from family-owned eateries, and even visiting rural locations that few people get to see.

Aside from providing an adrenaline rush, the Ha Giang Loop provides vistas of a completely unexplored region that has managed to stave off tourism. While traveling the Ha Giang Loop, visitors may take in the local fauna, meet new acquaintances as they cross each mountain pass, and take it all in at a leisurely pace.

A fantastic option to see Vietnam’s less-visited regions is to take the Ha Giang Loop. As many have said, you should get there as soon as possible because it might not stay undiscovered or secluded for long.


  • Can I pay by card?

We accept cash, Visa and Master card.

  • Do you provide protection and damage insurance for motorbike?

We have helmet, padding protection for elbows and knees for free on the tour. Moreover, damage insurance for semi-automatic bike is included too.

  • I am solo traveler, Can I join the group?

There are individual, couple, or group tours (based on your preferences and needs). Even as a solo traveler, you will still receive the full tour experience.

We also have groups tour running everyday with around 10-15 people. You will have more new friends soon on the trip.

  • Can I bring my suitcase or big backpack?

As we will be traveling on motorbikes, limited storage is available. Small Backpacks and easy-to-carry bags are recommended. Reconsider bringing large or difficult suitcases.

You can leave big backpack in Ha Giang Motor Tours homestay in Ha Giang city.

  • Do you have scooter/automatic bike?

The Scooter or automatic bike is not suitable for mountain road with go up and down a lot of times.

Actually, you need the gear to make the speech slower if you go down.

We have a short training with semi-automatic motorbike which is so easy and make sure you can become professional after our training.

Đánh giá Tour

Really amazing!!!

I had the opportunity to participate in a 4-day, 5-night tour of Hà Giang, and it was truly an incredible experience. Vietnam is exceptionally beautiful, with majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes that seem like they belong in a fairy tale. With the support of Sinh Tour, we had an unforgettable journey. I genuinely hope that others can have an experience like mine. I wish you all an unforgettable adventure exploring Hà Giang.

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Hà Giang
- 18%
Hà Giang




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